mercredi, novembre 28, 2007


I am exhausted. Both physically and mentally. It makes me realized that I am not in a level where I can proudly say 'I am fit'.

Being this far, I can't help but getting impressed with my fellow instructors who are mostly part timers. With the demanding 9-5 job scope that seem to expand each single day, it's amazing how they manage their time between rushing to classes and memorizing each new releases within a few weeks.

Juggling, juggling...

Here I am, trying to tell myself that my timing still requires in-depth analysis to work out an action plan. Not only because I have indulged myself into a new commitment (which is something that I love to do), I also have to play around in getting my parents to get used to it (having to teach = getting home late = having to hear the music).

I screwed up (just a little) during the tuition. Just when I thought I have memorized the whole track, the brain decided to freeze when it was my time. The same incident happened last night during the second tuition.

I've learnt a few things as I grow older. One of them is to avoid giving excuses.

But this one is an honest confession. I didn't have enough time to work my brain. At times like these I wished the day comprises of additional 12 hours.


People don't prefer to hear excuses even when yours are strong and valid. Giving 'lack of time' as an excuse will be the ludicrous lot. Most of the Jammers I know are like me. They have a day job. Teaching is a thing they do out of passion and perhaps, to add extra cash in hand. With the jobs that are forever demanding, they, like me, have to learn to manage their time well- from family to friends and doing things they to love to do.

But then again, if they can do it, I have no reason to say I can't. It's just a matter of making it happen or not.

I am so manja. Manja in a sense of not opening up to new challenges, or rather not giving myself a chance to open up. Being confined in this comfort zone for quite long, to break free from it will be one bloody challenging task to do.

And I know I have an issue to deal with - a crash course in Time Management.

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Nick a dit…

Hye Kay?
Where have you been...
long time didnt hear from you..
bila nak have a chit chat sambil minum coffee i rase nak ice chocolate