lundi, janvier 21, 2008

It's Time For Me To Move On

I've reached a point of having enough of doing what I am currently doing. I've been suffering for a long time that it affects my performance and putting my reputation at stake. Because of my lack of interest in this job and my exhausted supply of motivation, I've made up my mind on moving on to other challenges.

I can't stay any longer. The longer I postpone my leave, the more mistakes I make and the more I'll make the company suffer.

I haven't done any bad doings. I just failed to pay super, super detailed attention to the project I handled and neglected my consensus.

I am not sure if I should put the blame on my superiors or divert the fingers to me and me alone. I bombarded Sean with thousands of questions, questioning the credibility of my judgement and analysis of my situation.

Perhaps I should do more research on people who is facing the same dilemma like I do just to guide me and to tell me if what I am having is abnormal or the otherwise.

I've been seeing people come and go, getting new subordinates just to be replaced by another one.

One after another...

I am the only survivor left in my department. Being in a small company and by looking at the the current workload, their absence bears no weight. In return, I have no sense of competition and start to take things for granted. I am unsure if everything I feel is due to my being childish or immature but I'm sure there are employees out there who share the same sentiment. I just don't know if I fall into the positive category or the negative one where it hold the people who are underqualified but demanding.

I've been suffering for quite a long time. Try to track the entry on my work dilemma and you know it is nothing new. As a matter of fact, it started way before the entry was created. Let's just say that I've been trying to remotivate myself since end of 2006...

It's amazing on how long I still manage to stick around despite the lack of self-motivation and personal satisfaction.

Will keep you updated on the latest.

Update on Instructorship:

I am at the final stage before I can teach alone in the club. Wish me luck!

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