samedi, octobre 20, 2007

Follow, Hollow

The thoughts of Ikkie still bug me, although they are in a very trivial sum.

Spending unplanned 4 hours pouring my heart out to Hana was proven to be a saviour. As we involved deeper into the conversation, solutions seeped into me willingly.

That's what you'll get when you work you brain during its most 'tranquillized' state.

How soothing it is to finally being able to channel the emotion out especially without having to do the explanation from scratch.

Even more so when you are supplied with a Lavender eye pillow and another bottle of aromatherapy oil. The only thing that's missing is a good back massage.

I can live without it for now.

All I need at this very moment is a good sleep.
It's almost 30 to 5 am.
It's been a while since I hit the sack this late. I'm predicting grogginess come tomorrow morning.
And my stomach is on the verge of betraying me.

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