mercredi, octobre 17, 2007

When You're Gone...

Each time when I think of this phrase, I can't help myself but recalling Boyz II Men's track- Water Runs Dry.

There are things I always take for granted. Love is one of them.

Because of this, I have lost a potential husband.

It's sorrow for me but it happened due to my own decision and that is why I am absolutely not in the right position to whine nor cursing myself for the act of stupidity.

The best I can do is to pray for the best and as a good friend, I should be happy for this friend of mine has found a good girl who can make his day after a long day at work.

At times, I think I am pudding head for failing to see the bigger picture but I guess it's true that when you are not ready to confront the situation, you will do almost any sorts of diversion to prevent it from heading towards the correct path.

I was on the verge of tears when I spoke with Alif. But this is totally a different matter.

Alif called Ikkie dayus for having to say what he said before we departed yesterday.

It made me feel better nonetheless. He's right. Ikkie has no right to put me into that miserable state. He has no right at all. All these while I thought I am so over him.

Actually I am still not.

Not when I see the bond between him and my parents...

Truthfully, I've had enough of this love hullabaloo.

I've had enough of investing my feelings to people just to be in dead end in the end.
I've had enough of feeling miserable. Twice in a year is enough.

Enough is enough (Enough)

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