mardi, juillet 24, 2007

I'm Stupid, You're Stupid and So Do All Of Us!

Women are stupider when it comes to love.

It depends on one's interpretation of stupid.

'Stupid' can mean not having enough knowledge.

'Stupid' can mean lack of the ability to process inputs.

'Stupid' can mean having the awareness of the consequences of the action but refuse to acknowledge the hunches and simply go for it.

'Stupid' can mean blaming yourself for the action you take when you know it's going to happen to you.

'Stupid' can also mean deciding to stay blind towards the good things presented in front of you and later regret the decision after you are already in neck-deep shit.

Well I guess, having to read the variation of definition we have for the word 'stupid', one will be able to see that everything falls into the same basket; that stupidity exists not beyond one's awareness. Or maybe it does but once you've gained contact with your inner stupidity, you have all the 'next plans of action' to consider.

That's the time when your wit is being tested, ya know, to see if you can break the stupidity and make a wise decision to overshadow it.

So getting back to the first sentence of this entry, if you think saying 'Yes' to all the requests from the guy (I mean EVERYTHING) is considered as stupid, I just have to agree with you.

Us women tend to follow blindly what our hearts tell us to do. Sad but true. And as much as we have the senses intact, we always tell ourselves that it's okay to do so when the fact that it's an obvious No-No...

... like giving him the 6th chance when you caught him on bed with a hot chick that looks like Amber Chia.

Or saying that 'He's broke and as a good girlfriend I should support him to show my love' when asking you for cash is his new monthly habit.

Or perhaps agreeing to his request of having sex with you when your brain says it's not right to do so.

As much as I hate looking at these facts, I have to agree to today's morning topic in MixFM... that us women can get very stupid when we're in love.

The best thing to do now is not to let the stupidity gets in our way. That can only be achieved by listening to what BOTH your mind and heart say.

Simple as that.

Tapi ada jugak yang tak faham-faham bahasa and make decisions based on the never-ending 'What Ifs' like yours trully.

So I pray that God will give me all the petunjuk in the world.

Amin together with me y'all.

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