mardi, juillet 17, 2007

Sometimes We Complain Because It's Therapeutic To Do So

Forget about the title. It is just a poyo headline being put up for the sake of having a title. It's like Penanggal who doesn't need a body to get to business. Just head. But mine is vice versa. But in the end it points towards the same meaning- ada kepala/badan atau tak, the matter will remain the same.

Life has been both cruel and kind to me, which is an indicator that I am leading a totally normal life.

Yup, totally normal.

In a quest of searching for some sort of fulfillment in my life, especially a satisfying career, I begin to question my innerself on what exactly that I want to achieve in life... at least once.

To work abroad.
A handsome salary.
An enjoyable workplace and cool working culture.

There goes.

So where do I go from here?

1) More research on what EXACTLY that I want to do.
2) Immediately start to browse the classified section for any possible opportunity upon project completion.
3) Start to update the resume.

On My After-9-to-5 Job

Once I obtain the clearance to teach a class (even as a temporary replacement instructor), it will be an add-on to my career. Not as a total replacement to my 9-5 but as a channel to destress after a long day.

The reason of my joining the Instructorship Program will always be about spreading my passion to the rest of the people. It can be financially rewarding but that's totally secondary.

When you do something out of passion, the results will always be a rewarding one. You'll find fulfillment after each completed task and it will never be dreadful.

Now you know how much I love my second job.

Because it is done based on my willingness to offer...

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