mardi, juillet 03, 2007

I'm Here Still

Haven't resigned from the blogging world yet. Only that this has become my secondary shack. :)

Quick update on my Instructorship Program... and me:

1) I have completed first round of shadowing. And that's for release 40.
2) I've yet to start shadowing for release 41. Am making arrangement for this Friday's session with urm, either Kak Ju or Kak Leo.
3) I have to complete my assessment to Team Teach by mid July. :S
4) I have to get cleared to instruct by August. It means, if everything goes well according to plan, I can become a substitute instructor from that month onwards.
5) The next Quarterly Release will be this August. Giler cepat! I even barely memorize the choreo yet.
6) I am not sure if I have to freeze my FF account for the rest of the remaining months of 2007... Apparently the project actually commences AFTER June. Bodo! I'm stuck in KP until the End-Year school holiday! Lagi mengong!

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