vendredi, mai 18, 2007

Fellas, Meet Your Jammers

Being a first timer to the Quarterly Workshop, I didn't know what to expect 'cept for having a feeling of being 'kecik' due to the fact that I am a tot in this area. Those in the picture (excluding the guy in black and yours trully) are the the 'already seasoned' instructors. With Kak Leo as head teacher for Jam, I am oh so blessed. Hell they all know how to move alright!

With my absence 5 days a week and with the hectic schedule yang tak habis-habis on the weekends (the only period where I am around), I need to find time to get myself clear to shadow. The 4 of us newbies had already forgone the assessment and are ready to shadow but am not so sure about the rest of the Pass members.

The Big Day Tuition next Saturday will require me to do another additional homework- to at least master the technique if not memorizing the 'what's next'. Last Saturday, after being tired of doing the same routine, me and Kit decided to have Release 41 on the dance floor. Damn lot easier and more hips-butts isolation.

The songs may be not my cup of tea but when the moves are cool, who cares?

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