mardi, avril 03, 2007

News Flash!

One news...



The training was great (though I screwed up quite a lot in my execution) and the crowd was awesome. If I am given a person to pick for my Hate List, that will be the girl in red who is at the front. She's soo perasan bagus just because she attends so many dance classes till some of the instructors cringe when reading her blog on the audition (doesn't that prove you something that she's super stupid at dancing till she has to go to many classes for that?). Perasan sangat lah Kylie liked your 'flava' sampai dia tengok muka kau most of the time. For all you know, she might be lauging her heart out looking at the way you dance rather than 'admiring' your so-called style.

Some people just perasan and we can't blame 'em for that.

I can also be perasan and say that Kylie always looked at me while she's talking and make such claim that George always looked at me while talking and said 'Wheeeuuu' (as in 'Way go girl!') each time he saw me did my Breakdown Charleston. For goodness sake, that's not something you can brag about! I can always make such claim and spread it to others but I decided not to do so as that's not and indicator that the trainers favour you more than anybody else.

Get real, bitch!

And for being in the same team for the challenge and with her 'very brilliant moves she learnt from the hip hop classes', we didn't even manage to come out with a combo that matches the track.

For crying out loud bitch! IT'S A HIP HOP AND NOT A JAZZ!!! So what if we scoop some of the moves from the previous release. It's all about putting the puzzles together in given timeframe.

She needs to know that she's not as good as she thinks she is. Otherwise, she would've passed in Excellence...
p/s: Spot me if you can! (Macam la susah sangat...)

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