mercredi, mars 28, 2007

Counting The Days

I failed to rehearse on my moves again. Tiredness made me cancel the snooze mode. The wish to 'groove' past midnight hanya tinggal kenangan. I surrendered to the needs of my eyes.

Today's plan was also a failure. I would've made it to the morning run if it wasn't because of the 'missing-in-action' Astro bill. Instead of hitting the hot shower at The Gym, I washed myself at the 'comfort of my own bathroom'. Well, at least the water from the tank is warm enough to calm me down.

Somehow, I could sense that this Wednesday would not be as good as I want it to be.

True enough.

I had a lengthy project meeting which started at 10.45 am and ended at 1.45 pm. 1.45 pm means 15 minutes after yoga, which tells you that I MISSED JEAN'S CLASS!

And the meeting wasn't even a good one.

Food is proven to be my best remedy during stressful periods. Food makes me feel good (Hell! It makes everybody feels good!). It has the ability to tweak my mood from 'rotten' to 'jolly!'. So yeah, I had a set of Mc Chicken... LARGE! I super love fries. Forget about being fat and such. I have my 'slim gene' to take care of the metabolic rate.

Oh, not to forget the regular 3-times-a-week yoga and Jam classes.

The bottomline is, this week is going to be slightly rough. With work and upcoming training jitter, I am already mentally numb.

Really numb.

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Jiji, 24 a dit…

kalo kebas amat sini aku suntik sekali@!~