mardi, mars 27, 2007

I'm Almost There

Not 'there' as in the assessment but 'there' as in moving towards The Day itself. Forget the assessment jitter. I leave it to the state of mind during the training itself. Tired mind and body can do wonders in overcoming fear, nervous-ness and other sorts of not-so-good feeling. I'm partially ready, physically and mentally. Monday has drained my energy. Worked for 12 hours and the journey home felt like KL-Ipoh trip.

This week is going to be the start to a no-more-lenggang-lenggang-kangkong period. With a project that requires me not to be in town most of the time, I doubt I'll able to fulfill the 3-months probation-cum-clearance period. But who knows, with much perseverance, I may complete the probation and will be allowed to fill in empty slots. Now that is one stone up to the benchmark of my 'kesungguhan'.

I'm a Yoga junkie still. Jean's class is getting more interesting and Dr. Dhilip is diving more into something that a proper center would provide. I see it as a balance.

Speaking of balance, if commitment permits, I might take up Balance as well. :) But that's on a much later part. One can't be too tamak, kan?

2 commentaires:

Jiji, 24 a dit…

didnt know that u do yoga@!~ wooot@!~

i hate stupid smart aleck a dit…

yeah, been on it immediately after raya.