lundi, novembre 20, 2006

The World Is Not Enough...

... and Octopussy is a name for a chick in Bond.

*rotf laughing like hell!*

After a lengthy, 'finally-I'm-having-a-conversation-with-a-girl' chat, it is obvious to see that I've become a not-so-very good influence to her. On the brighter side of it, I do feel good about it, especially if that subject matter is a thing that can make you feel damn, bastardly good about yourselves.

I know I suffer from Superiority Complex Disorder and I am establishing my own cult consist of people who need to feel damn, bastardly good about themselves after going through bad times.

Don't tell me I didn't warn ya.

Lately I've been spending much of my time idling around and hopping from one PM site to another, looking for relevant topic to enhance my document. With 470 ml of black coffee as booster, (I think) I'm able to think slightly straight. But do wait till I see the face of the Boss. He does make my heart skip a beat upon his grande entrance. *gulp*

I have completed all my recent-puchased novels. Hamilton never fail to drag me into her Blake world. Never fail! How I wish most non-literature novels are like that.

*wishful thinking*

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