mercredi, novembre 22, 2006

Oh Thank You, God!

'Saved by the bell' means having to discover that the assumptions playing in your mind all these while are proven to be true and true semata-mata true.

While not all 'aged', single men chase younger girls for the fun of exploiting young, tight pussies, we do have some universal reservations on them. Generally, when you associate older men with younger girls, you will get the whole picture.

I am trying to be fair to everyone by avoiding all sorts of generalisation and try to make my own conclusion based on observations.

I should be awarded a few brownie points here.

All I'm trying to convey is that I don't despise the idea of having older man, nor getting a younger chap as my lifelong companion. When it comes to the matter of jodoh, nothing can ever make you avoid it. That's what I come to learn while being in self-discovery period.


...when some Old Fella in you acquaintances list starts to or tries to breach the comfort zone, you will start to question his motives. And trust me, when that happens, every single action of his will spell 'motive'.

The issue of spitting a straight 'No' has always become a brainteaser to me. Watching Drama Minggu Ini and Cerekarama or Yusuf Haslam productions never fail to place me into deep contemplation (yeah, you heard me right!). Remarks like "Just say No to him, dammit!" or "Eeeeee... Bodonye pompuan tuh! Just cakap Tanak je la. Stupid!" are those you will hear each time I come across a scene where a girl was about to get 'raped' (subtly) by her boyfriend (or something similar to that).


...when it comes to real implementation, you need definite, unfuckable courage to make his face wet with your spit (the thicker the better... the greener the better too!).

The question is: What is the success rate?

I guess not even close to 50%.

Instead of giving a straight, I-mean-business-buster! look, most of us girls will try to be nice Barbie and replace the obvious 'No' with some other 50 words-long sentences. Usually, the drama won't stop there due to vague messages.

The bottomline is, as much as we want to deliver that particular point clearly, we sometimes tend to allow our kesopanan dan kesusilaan gets in the way for the fear of hurting others' feelings when it's bloody damn clear that the real mangsa keadaan is US.

That's not good... very not good...

Back to the relation between older men and saying No.

A man (from my perspective), as they grow older... alone... tends to get a tad too sensitive over rejections even when the No is delivered to him in a very nicely and subtly manner. Just look at their not-so-cooperative reaction. Menjengkelkan!

What happen to "Men will become more mature as they ripe." thing?

Eh! Wait a minute... They don't actually mean the 2 'dangling fruits' underneath the boxer, do they?

I rest my case (for now).


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