vendredi, novembre 17, 2006

Jolly Friday

When I started a heart-to-heart conversation on feelings and emotion with a person, I didn't expect that the aura would actually spill to others even if I wasn't being the initiator.

Nevertheless, it's indeed an interesting topic as the week ender.


I am soo very looking forward to be in Manila! My research has covered the basic things: Halal food spots, reasonable accommodation, knowledge on the area...

Expenditure-wise, still need to revise. I am giving myself 1K to spend. More than enough if the shopaholic mood doesn't surface. Food-wise, even if I have to spend on that, I doubt it's going to be that much.

Note to self: Pack Food for Survival: Instant noodles.

One already-planned activity: water spa.

Seeing the excitement, mom has already begged me to bring her to the next trip. So, for the next round, I'm going to bring her along but under one condition: She can't be grumpy with the selection of country.

Next one will most probably be Bali.


On the lighter note, it's Friday and I have a meeting with Boy. Apparently there's a shortclips showcase at 9 tonight at Zouk.

Better be good.


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