lundi, novembre 13, 2006

When The Goin' Gets Tough, You Just Have To Get Goin' Baby

First news: My flight to Manila is confirmed. A Brownie point for me.

Second Brownie point for me: I've got to see weekend in Manila, especially the nightlife. The not so good news is: I have to pack Maggi Mee in the luggage. Oh well... 4 days of instant noodle won't send me to the ICU. :)

On the other not-so-quite-good news, I have to skip my exes' wedding reception. Blimey!

To my dearest former boyfriend, this is for you:

Dear My First Ex,

I am sorry for not being able to attend your wedding ceremony. As much as I love to see your wife and the setting of your reception (because I want to see your wedding planner's creativity as I can't tolerate bad wedding decoration!), I can't sacrifice my interest though you insisted me to be available even before I booked the tickets. Not that I want to avoid seeing you on the dais (hell I like going to weddings!) but due to cheap tickets availability, I have to choose between Manila and you and I am sure you already know the card that I picked.

And I really hope you won't think that my being absent is an indicator that I am still not over you because if I am not, I wouldn't have invited you to my house for dinners and lunches post-break up.

No need to worry though. I will try to get something from Manila for your wedding gift. :)

Oh yeah, one more thing. When I look at Irwanshah, I seem to see some of your resemblance in him.

One more thing, don't be nervous on your wedding night!




I do have a few more news to spill but time is needed before they can be certified as fit to publish.


My beast has decided that you are soo very not going to be my Ulfric.



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