lundi, novembre 06, 2006

It Ain't That Bad...

Weekend indulgence.

3 Open Houses and a wedding. I ended the day with a headache and started today with diarrheathon 2 hours before a meeting with a client. So, instead of taking A pill, I took A COUPLE.



Anita Blake is back! It's time to forget on-time sleep. Sexy as usual.


Despite the busy weekend, I managed to take a while and did some thinking and seeing myself opening up to something I've been restraining myself from.

Last week spelt STRESS. Even conferred a couple of friends for guidance. To me, it was like a deja vu of my last experience somewhere around last year. Basically, they've provided me with the answers I wanted to hear. Kudos to that.

However, something stopped me from executing what I wanted to do and I left doing nothing about it for I am back on track. No more Ms. Rasa Macam Nak Terjun KLCC.


I have recognized my need instead of denying it. The point now is wheter I want to start looking into it or do what I normally do: Buat dono again.

Am not being presented with a bag full of choices and yet I am treating it as if I am.

Mengada nya!


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