jeudi, novembre 02, 2006

Ouch! Ooh! Yeaouch! Aaaa!

From this month onwards, 3 out of my 5 lunch time will be spent in the gym studio.

Am now a yoga and pilates junkie. Since the 8.30 pm Balance schedule has been delayed for additional 10 mins (which makes it 8.40 pm) and since there's a high possibility that I might not be able to frequent the Saturdays class as well as the above 7 pm classes, I opt for the lunch time ones. I may missed one Jam class on Wednesdays or most probably on Saturdays but I don't mind doing some sacrifice.

My interest has shifted to flexing and toning the ancient way.

So far the muscles are doing okay. Like they said, it's all about the proper breathing technique.


Lifewise, I got a bit (or I should put it as VERY) depressed over a thing yesterday. The 12.30 pm session and a scalding hot shower were a help.


On the lighter side, my ex-colleage 'predicted' that I'll get married in 2007. (which is a few months to go). At times when the Lonely and Stress bugs hit, I do wish that I am married. As for now, I wish I am.


I got myself a Guess perfume, a fragrance that I don't even think of buying. But I did. Compulsive shopper. Bleh! The scent so far is doing good with my nose, unlike Escada.

I also bought 2 more of Anita Blake Vampire Executioner Series. The House for Mr. Biswas has to be put on hold. Same goes to Iron John: A Story About Men.


There's another possible reason for me to celebrate life. I have helped a friend to secure a business with a big organization. I am happy for him and I hope I can be a help for more people. Nevermind the thoughts of not getting any such 'set up' by others. I am not the 'dengki' type. Perhaps I should pose Referral Fees?

Keh keh keh!


Being a frank person, I prefer to tell the exact truth of what I am feeling. It's better that way than letting it become a cancer.

Maybe I think a little bit too hard.

Maybe I don't have anything else to worry about, thus the thoughts.

Maybe I am tired of spending the time talking to myself.

Maybe I lack of people surrounding me.

Maybe I am still holding back.


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