lundi, octobre 30, 2006

Raya And Toilet-o-Rama

Am not sure if others feel the same like I do.

Do you agree with me that the morning sun on the 1st day of Raya feels totally different from the normal weekdays?

Same goes for the weekend mornings. Given a situation where I pass out and lose track of time and day, and eventually wake up on a weekend, I would be able to tell that the rays that hit my skin is the weekends.

Strange but true.

My Raya has been great (overall) until the parts where the aunts started to ask me about marriage. Being an honest person, I told them the truth. :D But sometimes, the truth is not much of a help either. A neighbour of mine is actually having the thought of matchmaking me with her neice. Not being a fan of matchmaking myself, I freaked out upon hearing the suggestion.

"So what the big deal? You just accept the suggestion and just be friends with him. It's not that she's expecting you to get married straight away anyways."

"Noooooo!!! Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!" *shaking my head vigorously*

If my head is being attached to the body by using only screws, it would definitely fly off my body that very moment.

Nonetheless, it was a very entertaining moment.

I am all geared up for that 60-million-dollar question.

C'mon! Bring it on bebeh!

By the way, I am struggling with my stomach. Lately masuk angin pulak...

Anyways, Selamat Hari Raya to all the Muslims! :)

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