vendredi, juin 02, 2006

I Hate Unknown Numbers

Last night, when I was about this <-> close to drift into Lala Land, I received a call from an unknown number. I can accept the interruption if the caller is someone I know but to get a ring from someone who is a total stranger is not one of my preferences. To make things worse, he refused to reveal the truth on how he got my number and told me cock-and-bull story on things that don't even exist!

Unknown: Don't you remember the time we met, last two weeks in Bangsar at the corner mamak shop?
Me: Huh? Last two weeks? I didn't even go to Bangsar last two weeks, let alone going to the place you mentioned.

(He didn't even know the name of the hang-out place. Pathetic!)

Unknown: Are you sure?
Me: I am damn sure about that.

(I was bloody preoccupied with the PWTC event to even think of hanging out!)

Me: You better double check the number you dialled. Perhaps you mistyped a figure.
Unknown: No, I didn't get it wrong. I double checked with you that time.
Me: You must have gotten the wrong person. May I know the name of your friend?
Unknown: *struggling to find a common girl name*... This is Liza right?
Me: Hell no! I am not Liza! I am Kay!
Unknown: Are you sure you're not Liza?
Me: *getting more irritated* Of course I am not!

(You think I don't know my own name?)

The conversation dragged until I was about to burst into total anger. He should thank the line that suddenly got cut off. After hearing Putih sneezed, I didn't even bother to think about the caller. Silenced the phone sans vibration, I saw it flashed a few minutes later. At that moment, all I had in mind was to get my beauty sleep. Had to pick a document at Putrajaya at 9.

This guy, he still owes me an explanation.

Am waiting for that.

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