mardi, mai 30, 2006

It's A Tough Shit

Bless the 1 ringgit Nasi Lemak and a 1/2 boiled egg I had this morning. After that amount of food, lunch is no longer a necessity.

Who said being a leader is a no-sweat thing?

Especially when you have to deal with difficult and slow people (thank God they are not like the previous Tungau we used to have!).

After a lengthy meeting we had yesterday, I hit me that I need to take a drastic step. As usual, I am presented with 2 approaches:

1) The harder way, or
2) The softer way.

The harder way will send the staff to the Ladies... crying, of which I am very capable of doing. (in other word, pemerintah kuku besi). Despite the pros and cons of such approach (on my having the ultimate fun seeing other people suffer from it), I have to bear in mind that not all can tolerate with such way.

So yeah, I've decided to became a 'toothless' lioness and transformed into Mother Theresa.

One down and another one to go.

On the other hand, I need to give myself a break and later a revision (or perhaps a revamp) on the strategy. I almost burnt-out from investing too much energy and enthusiasm.

*thinking of when to utilise her replacement leave*

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