mardi, juin 06, 2006

Everybody Knows About It!

And it's no longer a mystery why our education system takes centuries to improve in term of the usage of technology and quality of teaching and learning. Too much fucking bureaucracy. To make things worse, the existance of smart alecks who don't even know the difference between ToR and already-done-implementation reflects the whole ministry itself. Lack of communication, just like the systems they created for schools! And the result? All the innocents are seen as the guilties.

"Why ain't I being informed about this?"

"How come I don't know about the whole thing?"

Don’t the know that by posing such questions, they are just revealing their weaknesses?

Facts can be bitter but you are presented with no option but to swallow 'em whole.

One more additional fact: The are definitely in serious need of help.

With endless trainings and workshops they attend, I wonder what have they actually achieved.

Most prolly nada.

It is not my fullest intention to bash these people (*eherm… cough cough*. Okay, I'm lying here. It IS actually my major goal.) but the fact that these people fail to portray themselves as people with brain really ticks me off. These people make me wonder. Sometimes amusing. But just now, if my thoughts can become reality, that man would be 1/4 alive.

Yeah, smart alecks are everywhere. I am well informed about that, thank you. But the fact that they sometimes come totally uninvited and unexpectedly unexpected is the shittiest part of all. And to live with one is another major problem. But then again, it is another separate issue which is not even applicable to my current situation (Thank God!).

The bottom line is I am highly fucked up and if I know where he parks his car at, I'll make sure he goes home in a tow truck.

Impudent man.

Blah la wei!


Oh, I already have!

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