lundi, juin 12, 2006

I Don't Mind Working In Seremban...

... because the distance is less than my everyday trip to Damansara and home.

I don't like BodyCombat though I have a history of joining Karate.

It's Monday and I wish to head straight home (and that can only be achieved after the completion of this entry.)

To Anon who thinks that my life is nice, thank you. It is indeed nice.

Again the Guy Graph is at it's lowest of peak. Not of fate but of choice.

I have decided to keep those two kittens. Yeap, I am adopting 2 abandoned kittens. Such an irresponsible mother. They used to have another surviving sister but she was no where in sight the next day I took them in.

And I don't wish to know her fate.

You see, I love cats very much. But once they grow big, they will not bother to even stay home. It's cool though as big cats are not as adorable as the kittens.

I was and am a bit cranky today due to lack of sleep. On Sunday, the only proper rest I got for myself was the time when I hit the bed. PD and Seremban 3/4 of the day and the other 1/4 was spent in KLCC, looking for a new pair of shoes.

How would you feel if you know that you will most probably not be seeing the sun in 6 months time.

My uncle is diagnosed with Stage-4 liver cancer and has only 6 months to live.


A quick update on the Anon Caller:

A very important lesson to learn: Next time, should you want to deposit your cheque and you have difficulties using the scanner, use the damn envelope instead.

That's where he got my number.

Thankfully he doesn't call me eversince.

You might think that I could've missed the What Ifs (what if he's cute... what if he has a Ferrari... what if he's a Anak Menteri...) but bloody shit I can't accept the way he approached me!

So, end of story of the Auto Deposit Machine.

I want to go home now.

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