mercredi, mai 17, 2006

Agree With Me, People of The Universe

If I don't control myself, I might end up adopting the F Buddy Lifestyle and refuse to get married.

I believe in letting go things that aren't meant to be mine and learning to accept the fact that nothing is forever. That is the risk I like to take and am willing to take. Being a worrywart will only hinder you from experiencing things. Being too careful won't do you much good either (I can't be too careful as I have the tendency to become very clumsy and trust me, my clumsy-ness is like a calamitous chain reaction.).

I have to stop chanting the same line.

It's almost like a death wish.

However, some people have trouble letting go and asking people to go. It is all about being firm with what you really want. Call me cruel but when it involves me and my emotion and my life, I will not allow people to dictate or make me feel like trash.

Sometimes, you have to be cruel to be kind.

Clingy people are yucky. Being clingy itself is a yucky thing to do.

I won't tolerate with this type of creature.

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