mercredi, mai 17, 2006

The Hand Is BACK!

The last post was on the 5th. And today is the 17th.

Lets just say that my health was not at it's pinkiest state. In fact, it was like a chain reaction.

Yeah, I was down with a slight fever and flu. A mild one I can say since I still managed to hit the office.

But that was not the end of it.

Last 2 Saturday, my cat bit me. Yeap, MY cat. It was actually resulted from my foolishness for I was trying to pacify him from getting into a fight with a cat (smarty pant!). For the first time ever, I saw puncture wounds on me.

Unlike the fella from yesterday's newspaper, mom quickly rushed me to the clinic. Ironically, both his and my cat possess the same name! That was freaky alright (and most probably the timeline of both events are almost the same, which makes it even freakier).

So yeah... after the fever, I was in another unfortunate event that left me getting 5 jabs within 11 days and the inability to use my right arm. That's basically the main reason of not getting back that soon as I had to utilise my left hand to do basically almost everything, not to forget the throbbing pain I had to bear.

I have gained the usage of my right arm again but the 'tightness' of the joint is still there. Not to forget the clear fluid that still oozes out from the incision. Uh-hum, the doctor made a small incision to take out the suspected pus (which did not happen because the strong antibiotic given by the first doctor I went to had diluted the pus... katanya laaa).

... and I received another round of injection last night... again at the butt.

I still need to replenish my antibiotic stock...

and I still need to do the dressing.

So yeah...


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