lundi, mai 22, 2006

I THINK My Social Life Is Getting Better

Perhaps, gym IS a good place to get to know new people (preferably GUYS). Last week, I got to know a PT. And the great thing is, he mistaken me as someone by the name of Zurina.

That only took place after we had a 30-minutes chat and the when he asked for my number.


But it's okay though. In return, I 'received' 30 minutes worth of free consultation. Better than spending thousands of ringgit for my own PT (not that I need any anyways).

And having to attend to an exhibition is not a bad thing after all. Mom got excited when I told about my meeting with a guy during the exhibition. Later, her imagination crossed the boundary to something she loves to talk about: Boyfriend or indirectly 'future husband' material.

It's spooky alright.

You should see her reaction. The excitement is like as if I am announcing my readiness to get married.


Life is indeed exciting.

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