vendredi, avril 21, 2006

When Do I Get Some Sleep

It's Bic Runga week.

If I don't get to know new people from that 'work-out institution', I'd better shoot myself on the head.

The first free workout (amazingly) didn't turn me into a vegetable. Good I guess.

Getting back on track can be tough to some people. I know I am back on track. No more internal distraction and no more sudden libido rush (yeap!).

Poor me.

On a lighter note, I need to get more black clothes to complete the 5-Days-All-Black Day and then I can start my own cult. The only diff is, it won't involve any black goat or human massacre. The only activity involved is relentless discussions on how to marinade the perfect roasted chicken for caesar salad.

My next month goal is to purchase the Guess handbag. And the next month of the next month is to get new scent. I am not satisfied with Escada. Somehow, I kinda missed Be Delicious.

It's Friday and I am hungry. Saturday is going to be spent at home and going send the car for brake drum skimming. Kesian itu kereta... Ahad? CSI Marathon...

... as usual lah.

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