lundi, avril 24, 2006

The Rugrat Regret

I am a victim of situation (dramatik gila!). I was being left alone to mull over things I don't have the answers to. It's like being in a sudden darkness; disjointed and quite lost. However, I am adjusting to the surrounding. My eyes are now like the cats'.


Go on, ask me about it...

Last week, while having dinner with my sister and her boyfriend, having a chat on companionship, she (dengan selambanya) said:

"My sister is cursed with bad luck when it comes to relationship."

Bedebah punya adik.

It suddenly came to me that my relationships came with a pattern:

1) I knew them through chatroom/blogs.
2) They buat taik first.
3) All of my exes remain friends after the break-ups.


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