mercredi, avril 19, 2006

Something Good Will Come Our Way

That's a schnippit from Bic Runga's.

In a way, it's also a wish that is budding from my inner thought too.

Many would become a hardcore and do things they never thought of doing. For instance...

Just now, a colleage of mine was uncertain on whether to click or not the "Confirm" button for the flight ticket to Macau.

"It's now or never..."

And now it's booked.

Last two days, I visited the nearby gym just for the intention to cheat on another free workout trial but...

... I ended up sigining up for the 1 year package.

No, I didn't get distracted by the guys on the treadmill. Nor the other 'gym salesmen' sitting nearby.

"It's now or never..."

And now it's confirmed.

There are so many interesting things in life that we decide to put on hold or are lacking the needed amount of guts in order to make them happen.

Never say you're no risk taker.

We are already one.

Everyday, we take the risk of getting hit by another car, or getting a sudden cardiac arrest or getting sacked for no apparent reason.

I am an average risk taker. I don't mind taking risks on things I like to do...

... such as falling for a not-so-right guy.

I don't mind feeling really happy for a short time. The important point is that I used to feel the feeling I am supposed to feel when I am in a relationship.

Get what I mean?

Forget about the post-breakup moment. It never is a favourable period. And it never will be if you keep facing the period for the rate of 3-4 times per year. That is pathetic.

Call me weird (a few already call me a weirdo).

I don't mind spending a night growing bags under the eyes and make Kleenex 10 bucks richer.

For someone who only cries a river when she discovered that Putih almost lost his ability to urinate, having a good cry after a break-up is seen as some kind of a release.

Think about fluid in a container that is about to go overflow.

After a good cry, the container will be empty again, waiting for another spillage.

Herm... it's been a while since I cried over a guy.

Oh! What a long entry! I should stop here.

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