vendredi, mars 10, 2006

Whoever Said Money Can't Buy Happiness Simply Didn't Know Where To Shop

As a Lone Ranger, I will not have the luxury of being pampered or comfort by the boyfriend whenever I reach the lowest point of the roller coaster ride. The only mean of cheering up myself is by spending some cash on food or silly things that can get me back to the original mood.

So yeah, I had a rough time yesterday.

Perhaps it's a case of oversleeping.

But am back and kickin'.

And me and Dad are planning to adopt a kittie. He is currently babysitting my fighting fish, Bleu. Since he has all the time in the world (at the moment), the kittie will get all the loving he needs.

Witnessed an interview session, which reminds me of my time 6 months back.

Used to go through the same process. However during my time, the candidates were all damn good till it got me wondering if I would be called to the next round (to which I succeeded). But the one I observed just now was a mixture of Excellent and *bleh*.

Speaking of work, I am happy with my job and am expecting another round of increment soon. *grin*. Syok man!

Will be doing a presentation at the PM's office this Monday and we're expecting a TripleVIP inside the meeting room. ;) Double syok man!

It's Friday and as usual, I don't wish to leave the office that soon.

Saturday plan: Kittie! :D

Sunday plan: CSI marathon (like usual...)

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