mardi, mars 14, 2006

I'll Stop Scratching Once I Start To Feel The Burning Sensation

Scratch my back and I'll do the same in return...

5 (good enough) facts (supported by reasons) why I am still single:

1) I am stubborn.

Guys can't deal with stubborn girls. They only need easy-to-control type and the other type who won't question.

2) I am arrogant.

Guys feel threatened when they meet their match. I am not trying to challenge anyone.

3) I am unpredictable.

Guys don't like unpredictable girls. They are just too lazy to keep up with the flactuation of actions.

4) I have brain.

Guys get intimidated when talking to smart girls, especially when they defend their points with facts that are solely based on logics.

5) I am independent.

Guys love to be in command, seeing themselves as some knights in shining armours with a crucial mission to save damsels in distress. Having damsels with no problem will turn the iron suit into dust sanctuary.

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