mardi, mars 07, 2006

Can You Make It More Complicated?

I have a bad feeling on this one. And usually, when such happens, it can only mean one thing: Bad news.

The new girl seems to have trouble blending in. Coming from a unispecies community, amongst the very first question posed was "Kenapa tak ada ramai Malay kat sini?" (Why there isn't many Malays in here?). I find her a bit rude too. She's a year older than I but hell I am NOT going to let her force me to call her Kakak! Blergh!

I have one wish: If my gut feeling is telling the truth, O God please let her leave.

"So how do you find working here so far?"

"Herm, ok lah but I definitely am going to take quite a while to adapt..."

Very well.

Don't you just hate it when the only time ideas to blog come is the time you are soo very away from the computer. In my case, while driving. By the time I get my hands on the PC, everything has evaporated into thin air.

Litium told me that my entry were a bit sappy lately.

Ya think so??

What's saucy in my life, you may ask. But as for this very moment, I have nothing to look forward to 'cept finding a few people who are willing to tag along with me to RedZone. Alif can't make it (*sad*). Most of my girlfriends don't possess the same amount of 'wild side' like I do so chances of dragging 'em along is a bit slim.



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