dimanche, mars 19, 2006

That Is Why I Hate Long Nails!!!

Don't you just hate it when the idea for an entry appears where you least want it be?

There are things in life that you really want to get rid of but you just find it hard to let them go. It's like a mouth ulcer. You will feel the itch to rub it with salt despite the notorious pain you will have to bear.

Okay, maybe that is not quite a good example to give.

But you get what I mean...

There are two types of guys in a relationship that you can choose from:

1) Boyfriend Material.
2) Husband Material.

Boyfriend material refers to a guy whom you want to keep only for a certain period of time. This type of guy is mostly the ones who are there for hanky panky activities. Mostly known as toy-boy or provider (terms may differ from one clan to another). Sadly, there are not many guys who are stupid enough to become the one being played. This type of guys are not for keep and to wait for them to turn into a husband material will take centuries to happen. A girl will have to set her goal correctly and not to plant SERIOUS hope when it comes to this type of guy (you may proceed if the goal involves getting him to provide you with the latest Guess collection).

Husband material, on the other hand, is a guy who has what it takes to create one happy family. They are the ones us girls are looking for when we are too tired and old to fool around; the time when Mid-Life Crisis starts to give endless notification windows. They are responsible, protective, loving and best of all, whatever they give is all about 'I want to spend the rest of my life with you' and not the ordinary 'I want you, I need you, I love you baby' craps that you usually get after a good (unfair) sex (where the only person who reaches orgasm is your partner).

So, what's your pick?

I seriously need to go out more often!

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