lundi, février 27, 2006

One Very Busy Girl

Last week was spent up North. 4 days both in Penang and Perlis.

Went to watch PGL The Musical last Saturday and only one word to describe the whole theater: SPLENDID. Not only the musical was a brilliant production, I also came to know that our seats were being upgraded from the RM65 section to the RM250 ones.

Waie, sorry to inform you that though the musical is being extended till 28th, the tickets are all sold out. Nevermind of that. Lets just hope that it will make a comeback next year. The comments are all positive and I guess Tiara won't hesitate to bring in the team again.

The meeting with Sean yesterday made me recall about the issue of being platonic and yet not. A nonsensical term I agree but it's the best I can come up with. Pardon my selection of terms and phrases. It's half past midnight and by this time, the brain has started to work 10 times slower than normal (It way passes my sleeping time...*yawn*).

Suddenly I have goosebumps all over my skin.


And I can never be attracted to him no matter how handsome he is. A part of me is already in alert mode, telling myself to watch my ass when it comes to this guy.

Now, back to the point of being 'platonic and yet not'.

Question that I want you all to answer (even if you're just a passerby):

Can you get intimate (not sexually. Otherwise the focus group will be... different.) with someone with no strings attached (including emotions)? (In other word, a scandal).

Will be back after a week.

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