vendredi, février 17, 2006

Burning Down The House

It's nothing. I am not planning to burn down any house. Suddenly reminded of The Cardigan's song featuring Tom Jones (tak kuasa nya!).

I am still in the office, not planning to head home that soon. Again the balik lambat situation sent me to all the flashbacks of the erm... good old days.

*slurping the half boiled egg*

The fridge has 7 raw eggs. I decided to treat myself with 2 telur setengah masak. Found Mc D's crushed pepper and salt. Good enough. Nevermind the absence of kicap.

A quick recap of the stuffs happend along this week.

Monday: Post-Confession Day.

Received The E-Mail. We're cool. Nothing actually happened. Work resumed.

Tuesday: V-Day.

Like any other V-Day, I was plan-less. I don't celebrate it. Even if I do, I will always be companion-less by the time the day arrives. But just when I was in the middle of packing, The Jr. Architect called me up.

"Oik, what are you doing?"

"Haaaaaa! Let me guess! You are dateless and you want to ask me out kan?"

"HAHAHAHAHA! Terrer la kau."

"Where are we going? Mc D sounds ok.... Wait a minute! I DON'T WANT MC D! Bring me to somewhere nice! Tamau ABC!"

"Ok, Ok. Don't worry. It's a surprise."


Want to know where we ended up at?


Wednesday: Boring...

Thursday: Ipoh Trip!

Drove to Ipoh again... nothing to talk about unless you find the story of getting a speeding ticket, fun.


Friday: Talk, Talk, Talk

Presentation day.

Basically I hate all the kain of my baju kebaya. They make me walk 10 times slower than my normal pace.


Anyways, feel a bit sucky lah. It's the menses.

I missed the hugs... :(

I desperately need one. Double :(

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