jeudi, mars 02, 2006

Bloody Shit! This Mie Instant Is Damn Delicious!

I am alright, I am okay... but just recently. I was not alright and was not okay earlier this week.

I think I have 'burnt down the bridge' that connected me with Sean for 3 years.

Wait a minute! Not me! Definitely not me!

It's a case of an aged, single man who is being too bitter with the surrounding!

'Nuff of that. I'm back to normal. Thanks to the improving tie with The Scandal, I now can think of something else better than what had happened last Monday.

My PC is still unuseable. The old video card is still attached to the motherboard. Too busy to seek replacement. If you see me online, it will only mean one thing: I have with me the office's portable computer. Since the urge to go online is not as strong as it used to be, that becomes the sole reason why I still don't bother to get the replacement. Same goes to the CD burner. In a way, the machine is telling me to stop burning mp3s and get the PROPER albums instead (Hey! I don't like ALL James Blunts' songs! No way Imma buying the whole album!).

Okay, since a potential scandal has gone *kapoosh* there is a need to seek for replacement.

Social parties.




Through guy friends.



I keep on getting requests from kiddies. I DON'T NEED KIDDIES! It's clearly stated that I am 24! Ya think I fake my age?!


Am not sure when will the next entry come. Too much work to do. Besides, I am not the woman of leisure I used to be 6 months back. I need a secretary like Oreos....

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