mardi, décembre 27, 2005

Hello, Farewell... Tak Jadi! (Part 2)

Dear People,

It was already July. The deadline is near. I told myself that if I didn't manage to secure a job before The Graduation Day, that's gonna be it. That goal was something that I REALLY hope would come true. As I counted the day, the uneasy feeling got more and more intense.

The Malaysia biggest job search was fruitless.

Nevermind. Will keep on looking...

By this month, I started to think of doing some part time work. It was a tragic experience!

However by the end of July, I was already on my way to becoming... un-jobless. Good news? Perhaps...

August was a month of triple celebration. First, I received a call regarding the job offer on Friday, then the Graduation day on Saturday (so I can consider it as 'Meet the Goal') and finally my birthday the next day.

Oh yeah, for that, I turned down the offer to work (contract-based) in Brunei.

Mid August...

I had quite a tough time adapting. I had to work with a person I hate the most (till it affected my evaluation.) and his bad aura kept on trying to penetrate into my bubble. Rodent!

October was mainly about remembering the past and dealing with the present. Did things I never thought of doing, saying things I only heard on TV (which was quite lame)... Nothing to talk about. Only in November that the emotional hollabaloo (on career) finally decided to recede. I learnt to take it the best way possible, though only God knows the amount of 'war of nerve' I had to endure during this period. By now, I started to let Sunday pass without crying (metaphorically speaking) and Friday is just another Friday.

Still praying silently for help from God.

And tremendous THANK YOUs and a SUPER GIGANTIC BEAR HUG to Blaster and Neo for having to bear with my 'breakdown' throughout the 'tormenting period'. I owe you guys! (Blaster still owes me Chilis).

On the Love Department, everything is working on regular basis (no overtime just yet). The pheromone, the signal transmitter and receiver... they are both working (need to double check the transmitter and receiver though).

December, which is now, was the coolest of all. The person I hate the most (and I've never hated a person this superly before) left The Office. The 'not so' breaking news was the gift sent from Up Above. God has granted my greatest wish! THANK YOU GOD!

The feeling was indescribable. It is as if I've just escaped from a room of hot air.

Aaaah by the way... my part time job at the present moment includes flirting.

As the new year approaches, I can't stop wondering about things God has planned for me (especially on my love life). After attending a few wedding receptions of persons I am close with, I can't seem to imagine myself being in that position. Truth is, the idea of tying the knot doesn't quite fit in the agenda I have for these few years. However, life is full of surprises and I am looking forward to that.

Given the question about 2006 resolution, I would answer 'Nothing'. Pointless to make a year-long worth of resolution when the short term ones sound more rational and easier to execute.

Okeh, for a start, I wish to improve on my 'tengok orang' skill. Suck big time man!

The rest, they are either 1) yet to appear, or 2) fall under the Not Important list.

NB: To all my new friends, really nice to know you guys!


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