mardi, juillet 05, 2005

...And I Hope You All Die Tragically!

Don't you just hate it to see the existence of descrimination when it comes to finding a job at the mall? Aznim used to voice her resentment regarding the 'hardship' of getting a part time job and now, it is my turn to have the rage. It's only today that I got my first hand experience with reality. It sucked big time. And I really mean it.


There are a lot of vacancies available as most of the part timers were students and the new semester is about to kick off (or has already...). So I started my hunt at FoS. This is what I got:

"You wear headscarf?"


"If you want the job, you have to take it off."

What the fuck ni?


Store numero deux: Speedy

"Excuse me, I'd like to inquire about the vacancy..."

"Oh, it's no longer available."

And I smelled something fishy. The position has already being filled and yet, the ad is still there. FYI Mister Speedy, you can always be straightforward and tell me directly about your staff preferences! No need the lie and bitchy face!


Store numero trois: SoxWorld.

"Sorry, kami mau Chinese only."


Store numero quatre, cinq, six?

Makan kat Nandos lagi berfaedah!

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