lundi, octobre 03, 2005

It's Not Even Puasa Yet...

... and mom already asked me about the amount of persons I want to invite for makan-makan.

"You are inviting your friends over for makan-makan this raya, aren't you?"

"Erm... most probably. We'll see the mood first..."

*paused for 3 seconds*

"...Errr... kot..."

"...Herm, ye lah I guess. But only the close ones I think."

"Inform me please aaa, okeh."

"Baik puan!"


I have identified one of my not-so-good traits: I can get easily bored with things around me.

When the only thing that keeps you sustained can't appear in front of you everyday (or almost), you will feel... suffocated and 'insane'.

...But not when I am accustomed to it.

The initial phase is always the hardest. I am still there but getting better.

One only thing I need to do now is to sit back and try to relax. Perhaps a cup of cendol can be a (temp.) help...

No kidney bean please! Oh, and I don't want pulut too! ONLY the corn, okeh.

There are times when travelling is sickening. (I am sick of it because I am tired looking at that place...)

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