vendredi, septembre 30, 2005

It's My Third Entry of The Day

Okay, so I didn't go merewang after work and I didn't even remember to drop by the mall to get a vcd. It's because I was too absorbed with... things. Like during the time when I was driving out of The Office area, my thoughts revolved around the next project roll-out... the travelling I have to do... the colleagues (of which I prefer to go shhh...).

When I was in front of SMKDU, the fasting month and the amount of gaji I'll get next week were playing inside my mind. As I approached the junction to Hartamas, I suddenly remembered the treat Blaster owes me. *Kena tagih!*. At Bangsar intersection, my mind drifted to BSC. *Bila nak tengok play lagi?*. By the time I was at the Lucky Garden roundabout, I took a glace at the fuel indicator *From Monday to Friday, the car only needs 35 bucks worth of minyak. Impressive.*

By the time I reached NPE, my brain was processing the decision on which route to take. In front of Ajinomoto, I reminded myself to pay attention to cars from the opposite direction. They sometimes makan jalan. During the time when the player played this one particular song, I found myself transported into the past, "*name withheld*, *name withheld*. Tsk tsk tsk...".

At The Mines Touch-n-Go toll booth: Remember to pay mom 150 for the top-up.
In the middle of switching to the other lane: Tumpang lalu...
The time I reached The Corner: Feel like calling Shah to ajak lepak mapley. Wait a minute! Takda credit!
In front of The Mines Shopping Fair: I saw a couple crossing the road. "This is the time when having a boyfriend comes in handy. Bila stressed out, ada tempat lepas geram. Herm... I wonder who will become my new boyfriend. No! Lets put it this way... WHEN WILL I FEEL LIKE HAVING A BOYFRIEND..."
When I was making a U-turn: My hair is going to smell like raspberry!
Driving past the shophouses: Top-up!

Eventually, while parking the car.... "I AM HOME!!!"

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