mardi, octobre 04, 2005

When I Decide To Go Selebet, I Will Dress Selebetly

My first day of Ramadhan will be spent outside KL. This is not the first time. There's Malacca in 2000 and it was for almost a month. The images of the college are fading away. When it comes to food, I can only remember the (already) killer, super-duper-hot! nasik goreng kampung of Cafe B and nasik goreng pattaya+watermelon juice in Cafe A. Oh yeah, not to forget the extra special, 'only-for-the-lucky-ones' lalat sweet and sour. When it comes to the other things, they don't worth the mention.

My first day of Ramadhan WILL NOT become my first day of Ramadhan. Boo hoo! I can hear the prayer from afar. The mosque will be packed with homo sapiens. Wait till it's the mid month. Everyone will be in Raya mood. Housewives will become desperate to compete in cookies-making 'competitions'. Kiddies will suddenly become smart in Maths. Mawi will have a line of clothings under his name... (imagine how rich he will turn himself into if he registers his name as a brand).

Tudung Aduh Saleha, kain pelikat World!, butang baju Mawi... boots Remaja Bebas Dadah!...

My first day of Ramadhan will see me turn into a human pangolin if I decide to ditch the pain killer.

Not good.

Adoi! Adoiiii!!!

Otot uterus cramps!!!

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa to all Muslims in the whole wide world!

It's going to be Wednesday tomorrow! Yippie!!!

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