mardi, septembre 13, 2005

Parking Tips

A guy was honking like mad in order to call the owner of a Wira who (apparently) blocked his way out of the parking lot. The Wira was parked in such a way that there would still be sufficient space for that fella's car to reverse.

Seeing that matter, I told the guy that he could still go out. (and my statement was based on my past and 'not so long ago' experience).

All he has to do was to 'play with the steering' and use some common sense (this I didn't include lah.)

However, the lady informed me that the car was parked very close to the gutter and it seemed to them that they could do nothing much about it when (you fully utilize 0.0001% of your brain) it's still possible to do so (and that can be achieved by reversing his car sikit to move away from the drain... Stupid guy!)

And stop telling me how the guys outwit the girls in driving.


So I gave her a nod and continued my walk while the guy resumed pressing the horn and the lady continued with her "Eee..geramnyeee!!!"

This is the part when I feel reaaaaaal good, driving une petite voiture.

So kids, the moral of the story are...

1) never park facing the longkang. (very useful when your car needs a jumpstart. :D )
2) and if you do, make sure to leave a big gap.
3) back then, my Add Math teacher always reminded me of Kaedah Cuba Jaya. If you feel that the Cuba Jaya won't take you an hour and won't send a scratch to the cars beside you, please do so instead of throwing the 'See my face! I am very fucked up. I want to honk like shit now!' look.
4) when you drive in KL, use the small, compact car. Save your Merc for The Posh Night Out moment.
5) last but not least... ride a bike!

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