lundi, septembre 12, 2005

Messages In A Drum *dum dum dum*

Oh G oii!!! Kau dah takda masa untuk berpoya-poya dengan aku like those days! Mana pergi jogging partner aku???

*Oh, dia tengah mabok dilamun cinta....*

Terima kasih kerana meng'feature'kan aku dalam entry kau, Lit. Keep writing. Orang suka baca entry merapu kau tu. *Gelak jahat*

*Balakong best, Kay best. Kesimpulannya, Kay yang duduk Balakong memang sangat best! Kelihatan bibit-bibit kedengkian disitu!*

Blaster, jangan terlalu banyak berpoya-poya... And thanks for constantly checking me out (despite being preoccupied with dayang-dayang istana).

*Oh, dia memang Don Juan de Tembikai Land*

Neo, the new satellite TV has turned me into the idiot box worshipper. Maaf jika beta selalu "AWAY!!! TV!!!". The effect is going to take a while...

*Last week alone, I have travelled to Paris, Cuba and Melbourne while drinking Teh Wangi Cap Mesjid*

Yeah, I know you are now obsessed with The Anaesthetist, Naz. How's life by the way?

*Teaching kids are waaaaay easier than giving instructions to the teachers!*

Thank you for updating me with the latest news on Abby, Sayba. I wish I could tag along... Oh yeah, I bumped into Jeok Sin at the post office last Saturday!

*I am still shocked...*

Ida, if you read this, aku ada satu suggestion. Apa kata kita masuk music class? Aku nak ketuk drum!

*Still berangan nak jadi one damn-good female drummer and play in gigs.*

"Love yourself before you start to love someone else" <=== That is what I've been doing since I was born! Kau di dalam krisis lagi ek, Sarah? ;)

*Ergh! I need a punching bag!*

Dear Oreos,

The answers to (some of) your questions:


Situation: Dead car battery.
Venue: Uptown (doink!)

*ring ring*

Me: Dude, where you at?
Dude: At work.
Me: Aaaaa!!! Kenapa kau kat tempat keja!!! Aku nak mintak tolong kau bagi jumpstart!!!
Dude: Tak dapek den nak nolong.

Btw, I don't ask such question. It's always "Sup?" :D


If you ignore the call, the phone will keep on vibrating and that will ruin your concentration. Even if it's in the total silent mode, the flashing light will always be there to 'bug' you (in a way).

The best solution: Hush him by saying "Meeting!" or "Movie!" and quickly hang up.


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