lundi, septembre 19, 2005

Fickle Minded Me

Last three weeks during a keduri at my crib, I received endless teasing about 'ending my singlehood'.

Last two weeks when I visited my relatives, again, I was served with the same 'harassment'.

And just last Saturday, my aunt joined the rest of the above groups... by asking...

"Ha, since dah kerja ni, bila nak kawin pulak?"

That one, my dear aunty, is a 60-million-dollar worth of question that I won't want to bother, neither entertain.

Looking at the state of my mind at this very moment, I don't think I am THAT ready to love and be loved (fuyoh! *jadi hijau*).

My preferences are unstable. I could be daydreaming of dating a Brazilian last week and 'screwing' an Italian the week after. Or I would imagine walking hand-in-hand with a medieval art artist sweetheart this night and having a 'post mortem' with a doctor boyfriend tomorrow night.

As for this moment, my imagination stops at having a lawyer as the partner.


If only the aunts can read my mind...

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