dimanche, septembre 11, 2005

Are You An Ant?

As a (young) woman with a career... *cough cough*, my parents handed over some bills to me.

The car, the broadband and the satellite TV bills are now mine.

Since the car is mine and there is no LRT station a stone's throw from The Office, I have to take over the payment. I certainly don't want to be bombarded with endless love letters and calls from the finance company.

Since the broadband service provider company will suspend the connection if they still don't receive the payment 2 weeks after the due date, I must get it settled on time.

Since I have just subscribed to the satellite pay-tv, there will be an additional bill to add to the list (thank God for the 'get the second decoder for half the price' package.).

Those three eat 33.3% of my salary.

And that amount is exclusive of the budget for (the ever increasing in price) petrol, toll, parking pass as well as food.

A few solutions in mind:

a) Surrender the car and take the public transportation. (WHAT??!! THAT AREA??? PUBLIC TRANSPORT??? HEH!)
b) Drive reeeeal slow to tone down the petrol consumption. (am trying to turn into one helluva 'pemandu berhemah'... heh!)
c) Work my ass off to demand for an increase. (oh AB-SOH-LEEWT-LEH!)

and last but not least...

d) Get a boyfriend who is willing to send me to work. (*points finger to Rach for the suggestion*)

Tinggi sungguh cost of living in KL...


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