vendredi, septembre 23, 2005

This Is Pathetic

... well, it's not actually. Just the weekend bug... for THIS week. Apparently, yesterday's outstation had drained most of my energy and concentration.


The Love Letter (that almost made me puke blood!)

Disclaimer: I am not and don't want to be held responsible for anything and everything!

Hi girl ! how are you ? I hope you are fine and everything is very well .I hope I am not making you worried because i didn't reply quickly but please don't blame me i had so time... now i am writing this message to tell you about what i feel when i first open my box message and i find your respetful message .. everytime i think about you; everytime i think about the sweet word you use to write me any message; believe that i feel like i am just born when i read your message ,it makes me feel alive again and again ...
being unable to express my feelings towards you when i first sent you the first email, i made up my mind to write you this message.
since the time i saw your picture in i felt something irresistible within me , i tried to forget about you but in vain . Now i am telling about this strange feeling ; it's love and i can't hide it anymore, now i feel as a relationship with a girl that was choosen by my heart before my mind.... please reply me soon about this message .. because you are the whole world to me.

This guy, who is from Morocco is a psycho! I swear to God I NEVER said anything 'misleading' to him and even the dumbest guy will know that my replies are emotionless!

So, if that's the case, what shall I call him? StupidestEST?

Oh well, have a nice weekend people! (because I'm gonna make sure mine is!)

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