mardi, août 23, 2005

Malaysianku Yang Rajin

When I left the office at 7pm, all I had in mind was the image of a smooth traffic flow. What I've totally forgotten was the fact that it's been raining since the early evening (methinks) and till now. Traffic flow in Malaysia during the rain, even if it involves a few tiny drops: Bumper to bumper.

It was 7.30 pm and the road's still full with cars. Sungguh rajin rakyat Malaysia ek?

Arrived home after the normal one-hour journey. That's basically the time I take to drive from Uptown to Balakong... IF I don't decide to turn into Lara Croft. Well, the 'hantu' in me has gone away. So, no gila-gila driving. I am a very patient driver now... tak tipu! :D

But cussing is still there la. Driving in Malaysia will make it hard for you to not to swear. ;)

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