samedi, août 27, 2005

It Finally Rains On Friday Night

Work has been very demanding with a few deadlines to meet as well as dealing with new changes on the system. Not to mention endless presentations.

One must be wondering about the reason why I don't talk much about what I do for living. None I previously mentioned is the in-depth detail and only touched the outermost surface. Here is why...

I had a rough time during my first week... or rather a very dreadful one. There are only three persons who are well informed about the initial situation I faced. Before any of you working people start going "Working is like that lah" or "Ha... and now you are in my shoes", I'd like to advise you not to even go there. Just keep it to yourself.

Problems have been clearly identified and are already being solved until the point where waking up during weekdays is no longer a burden. Weird as it may sound, the feelings towards the approaching Friday is not really filled with that much of anticipation (not for today at least). I was highly preoccupied with tons of tasks to complete, expectations to meet and performance to show until they become the first thoughts that appear in mind the moment I wake up.

I want to move from 'Under Probation' to 'Permanent Employee' and not from 'Under Probation' to 'You're Fired!'

So yeah, I have recovered. The people around me have been very helpful and I am blessed with wonderful colleagues. One small, happy family of the software house... :)

Overall, me and work are now walking hand-in-hand. Instead of fighting the beast, I am caressing it. It's something that is now a part of me. There's no way for me to run away from it.

I am the Lupa. I am the Nimir-Ra...

Err... pardon me. Suddenly I got carried away with Anita Blake.

This is a good sign.

What more?

It's Friday night and it is drizzling...

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