lundi, août 22, 2005

Hear Me Sexy Voice

Despite the sneezing and *srot srot*, I slept soundly with the 'air chiller' on. Didn't use the air-cond while driving to work. Not that I always do anyways. Like usual, the temperature in the workplace is not meant for my body. Always come home with a slight muscleache.

I am the sun lover. I don't really fancy the cold temperature though it can retain the scent intensity of my perfume till the end of the day.

Wooo....wooo....hail the sun!

28th of August: It's time for Time Management.

I have two important invitations to attend. One; the 'Grandest Wedding Of The Year' *throws expression of disgust* and Two; the 'Beach Party' by the poolside.

Now what should I give to the newly wed couple from The Beach Party. NMJ's entry gave me the idea of giving 'em chocolate.

Good... Bagus untuk couple yang baru kawen!

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