dimanche, août 21, 2005

Back To The Past

I am still unwell so sue me if everything I put in here makes you vomit blood.

Traffic jam at the Mines toll plaza at 7 pm will get me into a memory-rewind experience as that is the time when I decided to 'open my heart' to someone. Time has passed and I am back to my good ol' Singlehood Ville and already recovered. However, the memory will sometimes sweep my idle mind and when it does, I would allow it to fill my head with everything that happened the whole day. Bitter sweet memory they call it. Heh!

My friends always wonder about the reason why I like to torture myself listening to 'depressing' love songs when I am in the middle of an emotional crisis. The explanation is simple: I am in my mourning period and while I am still in it, I want to make use of the time I have and cry as much as I want to and at the same time, make my heart immuned to it. The effectiveness is not a total 100% but more than enough to get me standing again. Do I sound like someone yang patah hati dengan teruk sekali?


It actually took me a few months before I fully recovered. I can now listen to a certain tracks without flinching. In fact, I am thankful for the songs given to me as they are actually a bunch of good songs though most of 'em are not from this era. Nasib baik taste bagus...

I am...

As much as I hate the current situation I am in at this moment, I am recuperating (in some ways). I am highly motivated in certain aspects and I am actually doing a mental calculation on things I want to achieve and get.


Oh well! I should be thankful. At least it doesn't take place now. Otherwise, you will be seeing my bloody, gory picture on the front page.

Okay, so I exaggerate again.

Are you still going to sue me???

Eh, suddenly I want to go for blind dates.

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