samedi, août 20, 2005

And So...

Finally, I have discovered the culprit behind my rocky week: the PMS.

I am down with a mild cold. The sore throat hasn't subsided yet. Despite having the two, getting into a war with my lymphocytes, I am still fine. Hope the fever bug won't interfere. Otherwise I'll go flat.

I've been sneezing continuously (and still am) with the average gap of 5 minutes (oh, how I love to exaggerate!) before the next nose-clearing-relieving experience, since this morning. However, that doesn't deter me from driving to the wedding reception at Taman Shamelin area. The food was worth the 'pain'. Best of all, they didn't serve air sirap. We were given orange juice with pulp! Though it was actually a mixture of the real juice and the cordial, it was nonetheless the best orang kawen drink ever!

Alif just called me to inform about Nikkie and Adie's wedding.

"Both of 'em dah kawen. How dare they didn't tell me! Mak sedih!"

Seems like the first reception was last week and they are preparing for the other one in Sarawak.

"But then they are going to make one especially for the friends in Hillpark lar. The theme: beach party."

"With the pareo and such?"



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